Ain’t it the truth…

A great quote posted at About Last Night which seems particularly apropos since I’m in the throes of rehearsing Oklahoma! (I’m playing Jud) with Regina Lyric Light Opera:

“Modern kids are raised with the understanding that people don’t spontaneously burst into song at crucial moments in their lives. And isn’t that a horrible thing, to remove such evidence of grace on earth from their belief system? Of course there are people who start tap-dancing at unexpected moments, or improvise a tune while plucking lyrics from the air. They’re called children, and if you spend any time with them, you’ll witness life as a musical forty times an hour.” – Ty Burr, The Best Old Movies for Families

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    There are some interesting post in this blog. The musical was very good compare other times. The band suits for all types of ages. Dancing is something fantastic and making our mind more to be soulful.

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