The Segway of the seas…

My eye continues to be caught by unique above-and-below-water vehicles thanks to the watery setting of my new novel Marseguro (currently undergoing revision). This one looks like fun:

As Sci-Fi Tech explains it:

The SeaBob essentially works as a self-propelling riding vehicle and is roughly akin to a jetski. You grab hold of two “controlgrips” which help accelerate, slow down and brake. You literally put your body into operating SeaBob, shifting your weight around to steer and dive, à la a Segway. An electric jet stream system provides the thrust in combination with a 5-horsepower motor. The best way to describe the overall experience is to think of yourself as a big fish moving through the ocean at a decent clip of speed.

Sure, I’d probably drown, but Marseguro’s genetically-engineered “merpeople” would have a blast…

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