"How many books have you written?"

It’s a question I keep getting asked. In Yorkton last year at a library reading a local reporter showed up and asked me. I said “more than 30.” She gave me a withering look of scorn and said in a rather hostile and sarcastic tone (an odd attitude for a reporter to take with an author she’d been sent to photograph, I thought) , “Don’t you know?”

“Well, no, I don’t. I’ve lost track.”

She told me she wasn’t allowed to use such a vague expression as “more than 30.” I explained that I meant by that more than 30, but less than 40. She seemed unsatisfied. I trust she was somehow able to come to terms with the uncertainty.

Anyway, if you go by ISBNs, and believe this site, I’m at 38. But I know that there are a couple of things missing from here (A Safe and Prosperous Future, for one) and some that are iffy because I only wrote a portion of them, and…

So I still don’t know how many books I’ve written, and I’m still going to say “more than 30” if you ask me–no matter how withering your look of scorn.

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