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Another reason to never even try a cigarette:

Apparently inhaling a single cigarette can be enough to trigger nicotine addiction:

A new study published in the Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine shows that 10 percent of youth who become hooked on cigarettes are addicted within two days of first inhaling from a cigarette, and 25 percent are addicted within a month. The study found that adolescents who smoke even just a few cigarettes per month suffer withdrawal symptoms when deprived of nicotine, a startling finding that is contrary to long-held beliefs that only people with established smoking habits of at least five cigarettes per day experience such symptoms.

The only time I tried a cigarette I was about seven years old, ca. 1966. A bunch of neighborhood kids in Tulia, Texas, had a cigarette. We stood in a circle and passed it around. By the time it came to me it was soggy and just about the most disgusting thing I’d ever seen. Afterward I couldn’t believe, even at that age, I was dumb enough to put it in my mouth. I learned something about peer pressure–and I also decided then and there smoking was a stupid, filthy habit. I’ve never been tempted since.

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