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Musical months ahead for me

I mentioned a while back that I’ll be part of the cast of Persephone Theatre‘s Christmas production of Beauty and the Beast in Saskatoon. I thought I was playing Monseiur Dark, but I received my contract today and I’m actually being signed on to play Maurice, Belle’s father. I’m pleased, to say the least, although of course I’m really much much too young to play the father of a grown…oh, who am I fooling.

I don’t remember if I’ve mentioned my other musical adventure for fall. In October, I’ll be joining the Canadian Chamber Choir for their project in Vineland, Ontario, with a number of workshops and concerts planned for the area. I’ve received the music, which is certainly challenging. I’m looking forward to being part of a top-notch chorus again.

Writing? Oh, yeah, I’ve got lots of that to do, too. 🙂

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