Return of The First Sentence I Wrote Today

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and a journey of 120,000 words began today with the first word of my next novel, Terra Insegura:


That has a period, but it’s not really a sentence. Or maybe  it’s a condensed sentence: just like there’s an implied "You" at the beginning of a command like "Wash the dishes,’ so here there is an implied "There was a" before bump…either way, it’s too short to kick off the return of "The first sentence I wrote today," so here’s the first complete sentence:

Emily Wood straightened in the pilot’s chair of the dolphin sub, senses lulled to the edge of sleep a moment before suddenly knife-sharp.

Already needs rewriting–terribly muddled metaphor there–but at least we’re off and running!

I’ve been heading up the street to the Broadway Starbucks every morning before heading to rehearsal at Persephone Theatre, and hope to continue the practice. I hope to do some work on the book over lunch most days, too…so just watch the words pile up!

Words today: 1,069

Total thus far: 1,069

Percentage completed: 0.9

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