The first sentence I wrote yesterday…

The president and council of the Free Selkie Republic had been remarkably easy to convince of the need to obtain a shuttle, once they had decided that he was to be trusted and the Kemonomimi had to be warned, Richard reflected as he waited for the sub to surface.

Hmmm. That sentence really could be a spoiler, I suppose, if anyone who buys Terra Insegura a year or so from now remembers it.

Words yesterday: 1,818
Total thus far: 63,327
Percentage complete: 52.8

I didn’t get as much done as I would have liked last night, because I started late and I found, sitting in my comfy chair in a comfy corner of the living room with a nice warm laptop on my lap and drinking a decaffeinated beverage, that I simply got too sleepy. When I literally dozed off with my fingers on the keyboard in the middle of a sentence, I realized it was time to stop. (The scene I was writing at the time transformed into one of those instant dreams that you usually jerk awake from feeling like you’re falling.)

Although, if I could figure out how write while I was asleep, it would be a great boost to my efficiency…

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