Odd craters on Mercury

They’ve found some very odd craters on Mercury, some with dark halos, which they at least have a tentative explanation for, and one they cannot explain at all:

Superficially, the bright patch resembles an expanse of ice glistening in the sun, but that’s not possible. The surface temperature of the crater at the time of the photo was around 400 degrees Celsius…”I haven’t heard any really convincing explanations from our science team,” he adds. “We don’t yet know what the material is, why it is so bright, or why it is localized in this particular crater.”

You know, and I know, that they will eventually figure this out and it will have an entirely mundane, though scientifically fascinating explanation.

But isn’t there a part of you that wishes that the shiny bottom of the crater is actually the exposed hull of the planet-sized interstellar spacecraft that has been waiting inside it’s rocky camouflage for millions of years for intelligent life to discover and re-activate it?

Or is that just me?

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