A new review of Lost in Translation

This review of my first DAW paperback Lost in Translation popped up today at Sci-Fi & Fantasy Books and Music Review:

Science Fiction, with telepaths, cool looking cat creatures and the brink of war. How cool is that?…

This one snuck up on me. I grabbed it because it looked like a fairly straight forward space yarn. The surprise came with a skillful observation of the possible effects of telepathy. If you can read a mind and that mind can read yours, you know everything they know. Everything they have done and why they did it. With no secrets to hide what’s left? Hatred or love. This story reveals that in the two telepaths from different planets fight to save their own planets from interstellar war. The book ended all too quickly for me. By the time I reached the end I wanted more.

Good to see the book is still being discovered by new readers!

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