My review of the True Jive Pluckers…

is in today’s LeaderPost. It begins:

In the dictionary, “eclectic” has two definitions: “Selecting what appears to be best in various doctrines, methods, or styles,” and “composed of elements drawn from various sources.”

They could have added a third: “the music of the True Jive Pluckers.”

Ranging from jazz to blues to Klezmer to classical, violinist Eduard Minevich, bassist Stephen McLellan and guitarist Jack Semple displayed amazing versatility and virtuosity in their Saturday night concert with the Regina Symphony Orchestra as part of the Shumiatcher Pops series.

And it ends:

With the launch of TJP’s first CD, We Are Here (selling like hotcakes in the lobby), and its plans to play with the Edmonton and Hamilton orchestras, many more people may soon learn what Regina audiences have known for some time: there may be other pluckers, and there may even be other jive pluckers, but these are the only True Jive Pluckers.

Accept no substitutes.

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