My preview of the New Music in New Spaces concert…

…, coming up Sunday afternoon at the MacKenzie Art Gallery, is in today’s LeaderPost. An excerpt:

Sunday’s concert will feature (Jeremy) Buzash and Eduard Minevich on violin; Jonathan Ward on viola; Amelia Borton on cello; Pauline Minevich on clarinet; Cecile Denis on harp and David McIntyre on piano. Titled “A Sound Vision,” the concert will premiere five new works.

“Transplants” is a new electroacoustic work by Elizabeth Raum, for soundscape, video projections and solo clarinet. It’s described as “a reflection on the immigrant experience, interpreted through analogies with transplanting flowers.”

The second piece, a new work by Jason Cullimore, also features projections, which is particularly appropriate since on Feb. 14 the MacKenzie will open “Projections,” a major survey of projection-based art works in Canada over the last 40 years. Cullimore’s piece is based on the story and science of the Titanic (also particularly appropriate, since Jason is the son of Dr. Roy Cullimore, the Regina microbiologist who has researched the biological corrosion of the shipwreck and made several expeditions to it).

Also on the program are a new string quartet by David Ogborn called “Shadowline,” prairie-inspired work by Laura Pettigrew, and Ryan Purchase’s new piece “Opacity no. 2: The Pond.”

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