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Terra Insegura: the actual book!

actual-bookI’ve posted the wonderful Stephan Martiniere cover art of Terra Insegura several times on my blog (and of course it’s plastered all over my website as a whole), but today I finally got my author’s copies of the actual book.

It’s always a thrill to see the actual published book, and I’m pleased to see this one even has a few review quotes from SF Site, Sci Fi Weekly and SF Scope in the back to push not only Terra Insegura but also Marseguro and Lost in Translation.

But that thrill, real though it is, is actually amazingly short-lived, which sometimes startles non-writers or aspiring writers. By the time a book shows up in actual published form, it’s way in the past as an actual writing project, and you’re already focused on the next thing, or the thing after that.

So I’m very happy to have the book…but now I’ve got to get on to finishing my history of Saskatchewan surveying, and rewriting my children’s biography of Andy Warhol, and reworking my YA SF proposal, and writing the first Lee Arthur Chane fantasy, Magebane, and…

Life. It’s just one darn thing after another, really.

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