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Good review of Terra Insegura at SF Scope

There’s a very nice review of Terra Insegura by Ian Randal Strock at SF Scope. It begins:

A little bleaker, a little less “gosh-wow” sensawunda (due to familiarity), a lot closer to home, Terra Insegura is the perfect balance to Marseguro: you’ve got to read this one if you read the first. It does stand on its own, but why deny yourself the pleasure of the full literary tapestry Edward Willett weaves with these two?

And it ends, in part:

Willett keeps his characters moving all over the board, but always toward their stated goals (rational or not), which will just happen to intersect in an Earth-shaking conflagration. While I was disappointed each time a story-line chopped off, it brought me back to another I wanted to follow as well. Willett is well able to keep all his juggling balls in the air at the same time.It’s a good story, a great mate to the first volume, but a little dark. It isn’t a tale of victory so much as a story of survival scratched from the jaws of annihilation.

Read the whole thing, but beware of spoilers!

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