My schedule for WorldCon in Montreal

Here’s my finalized (for now, anyway) schedule for Anticipation, the World Science Fiction Convention coming up August 6 to 10 in Montreal. Only one panel, plus a play-reading, a Kaffeeklatsch (if anyone signs up) a joint reading, a signing, and, of course the Aurora Awards ceremony:

When: Thu 17:00
Location: P-516E
Title: Teen Reporter: The Basics
Session ID: 865
All Participants: Daniel Grotta, Edward Willett, Flick Christian, Jeff Warner, John G. McDaid
Moderator: Daniel Grotta
Description: Be a Teen Reporter! How to get behind the scenes and interview people. Find out what makes a good feature story.
Duration: 1:00 hrs:min
Language: English
Track: Teen Programming

When: Fri 18:00
Location: P-710A
Title: Aurora Awards Ceremony
Session ID: 2
All Participants: Julie E. Czerneda, Eric Gauthier, Diane Walton, Douglas Smith, Edward Willett, Judith Hayman, Liana Kerzner, Peggi WL, Peter Atwood, Stephanie Ann Johanson, Robert J. Sawyer, Susan Forest, Claude Lalumière, Jean-Louis Trudel, Joël Champetier, Michèle Laframboise, Sophie Beaulé, Ursula Pflug
Description: The Aurora Awards
Duration: 2:00 hrs:min
Language: Bilingual
Track: Event

When: Sat 22:00
Location: P-521A
Title: Kaffeeklatsch with Edward Willett
Session ID: 1616
All Participants: Edward Willett
Description: A chance to ask those burning questions.
Duration: 1:00 hrs:min
Language: English
Track: Kaffeeklatsch

When: Sun 12:30
Location: Other
Title: Edward Willett Signing
Session ID: 1534
All Participants: Edward Willett
Description: Edward Willett Signing
Duration: 0:30 hrs:min
Language: English
Track: Autographs

When: Sun 17:00
Location: P-511BE
Title: “Trophies” by Hayden Trenholm
Session ID: 132
All Participants: Edward Willett, Hayden Trenholm
Moderator: Hayden Trenholm
Description: A live one-act dark-fantasy comedy by Aurora Awardwinner Hayden Trenholm. When Walter learns that his twin brotherand archrival, William, has snagged a beautiful young bride, he quickly finds one of his own. But the brothers aren’t the only ones who like to compete, and sometimes the stakes are higher than life and death.
Duration: 1:00 hrs:min
Language: English
Track: The Light Programme

When: Mon 10:00
Location: P-512AE
Title: Author Reading
Session ID: 202
All Participants: Alison Sinclair, Edward Willett, Heidi Lampietti
Description: Alison Sinclair, Edward Willett; Heidi Lampietti.
Duration: 1:00 hrs:min
Language: English
Track: Reading

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