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Tag: Montreal

Montreal Review of Books likes Song of the Sword

The Montreal Review of Books, published by the Association of English-Language Publishers of Quebec, has a very nice review of Song of the Sword in its latest issue. (My publisher, Lobster Press, is based in Montreal.) Andrea Belcham writes: Willett’s novel will please fantasy junkies with its intricate details; yet there’s also an appealing poetry …

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Montreal WorldCon: the science column

Every now and then I attend a science fiction convention, and when I do, I like to talk about it in this column, as part of my ongoing evangelical campaign to raise the profile of science fiction and win the genre new readers. Well, I just finished a doozy of a convention, the grandaddy of …

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Montreal WorldCon Day…um, what day is it again?

And so the World Science Fiction Convention in Montreal winds down. We were at the convention centre at 10 a.m. for me to give a reading with Alison Sinclair and Heidi Lampietti…but the only person to show up was there to hear Heidi, and Heidi, it turned out, had to stay in the dealers’ room …

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My schedule for WorldCon in Montreal

Here’s my finalized (for now, anyway) schedule for Anticipation, the World Science Fiction Convention coming up August 6 to 10 in Montreal. Only one panel, plus a play-reading, a Kaffeeklatsch (if anyone signs up) a joint reading, a signing, and, of course the Aurora Awards ceremony: When: Thu 17:00 Location: P-516E Title: Teen Reporter: The …

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