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Read the first two chapters of Worldshaper!

It’s just six weeks until the release of Worldshaper, my ninth novel for DAW Books, on September 18 in trade paperback and ebook. What with When Words Collide coming up this weekend, and the World Science Fiction Convention after that, and DragonCon after that, and then SaskExpo after that, all of which I’ll be at …

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My editor wins a Hugo! And other stories of what I did on my summer vacation

It’s been a while since my last post. Lots to tell you about, but let’s start with the most important: my wonderful editor (and publisher), Sheila E. Gilbert of DAW Books, received the Hugo Award for Best Editor (Long-Form) at this year’s World Science Fiction Convention in Kansas City–and as you can see, I was there to take a photo. …

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Thoughts on the Hugo Awards

The nominees for this year’s Hugo Awards have been announced, and I’m thrilled to see that my editor at DAW Books, Sheila Gilbert, is once again nominee for Best Editor, Long Form. This is Sheila’s third time on the ballot, and here’s hoping this is the year she goes home with the rocketship. That said, …

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Book Giveaway Week 5: Enter and get a pre-publication sneak peek at STAR SONG

The winner of Week 4 of my great book giveaway was Melinda, who commented on my Edward Willett Facebook page. Now it’s on to Week 5! Rules are the same: leave a comment below, or reply to one of my Facebook posts, or retweet one of my daily Tweets on the subject, and if your …

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Montreal WorldCon: the science column

Every now and then I attend a science fiction convention, and when I do, I like to talk about it in this column, as part of my ongoing evangelical campaign to raise the profile of science fiction and win the genre new readers. Well, I just finished a doozy of a convention, the grandaddy of …

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Montreal WorldCon Day…um, what day is it again?

And so the World Science Fiction Convention in Montreal winds down. We were at the convention centre at 10 a.m. for me to give a reading with Alison Sinclair and Heidi Lampietti…but the only person to show up was there to hear Heidi, and Heidi, it turned out, had to stay in the dealers’ room …

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Montreal WorldCon Day 4: Hugos, a play reading, and more food

Today’s highlight would ordinarily have been the Hugo Awards, presented this evening here at the World Science Fiction Convention in Montreal, but as it happened we were rather late arriving at the Hugos because I ended up having a dinner meeting with my edito,r Sheila Gilbert, and her fellow publisher at DAW Books, Betsy Wollheim. Among …

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Montreal WorldCon Day 2: I win an Aurora Award!

Well, you can’t have a much better day at a WorldCon than I had today, short of winning a Hugo:  tonight I won the Aurora Award for the best long-form work of science fiction or fantasy by a Canadian writer in English in 2008. The award was presented at a banquet this evening, and my …

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My schedule for WorldCon in Montreal

Here’s my finalized (for now, anyway) schedule for Anticipation, the World Science Fiction Convention coming up August 6 to 10 in Montreal. Only one panel, plus a play-reading, a Kaffeeklatsch (if anyone signs up) a joint reading, a signing, and, of course the Aurora Awards ceremony: When: Thu 17:00 Location: P-516E Title: Teen Reporter: The …

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