The first sentences I rewrote today…now with bonus photo!

IMG00037-20090709-1625…will appear momentarily, but first, a picture. This is where I worked on Magebane this afternoon–if you look close, you can see some of it on the computer screen. It’s the Spike Lounge at the Wascana Country Club. Not as odd a choice as you might think: it’s usually quieter than a coffee shop, the scenery is nicer, and they serve a wider selection of food and, um, beverages than a coffee shop. I’ve quite enjoyed working out there these past few days.

I was still rewriting today, but I should be moving on to new Blue Fire material either tomorrow or Monday at the latest. Today’s first rewritten Blue Fire sentence was:

Unlike the large wagon she shared–used to share, she thought coldly–with her Grandfather, this was just a smallish stores wagon, bags of rice and beans and wheat and other staples stacked around the outside walls, leaving only a small open space in the middle.

And today’s first rewritten Magebane sentence (Magebane is a bit further away from the resumption of fresh-material-writing, I fear):

Once on the main floor, she continued along the plain corridors that ran behind the walls of the lavish rooms that visitors to the manor saw.

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