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Alberta bound

Well, got a couple of nice bits of news this week. First, I’ve been asked by Pure Speculation, a science fiction convention in Edmonton, to be their Author Guest of Honour, filling in for Spider Robinson, who has had to bow out because of the need to concentrate on helping his wife, Jeanne, as she undergoes a round of chemotherapy.

I’m hardly in the same league as Spider, writer-wise, which makes it doubly an honour to be asked. I don’t know too many details about programming yet, except that I’ll be singing in the Friday night cabaret and I’ll be interviewed by Barb Galler-Smith at some point.

Pure Speculation runs October 2 to 4 at the Shaw Convention Centre. If you’re Edmonton, I hope you’ll consider checking it out!

The second bit of news: I’ve been accepted for a Self-Directed Writing Residency at the Banff Centre. That means that for a whole week, September 20 through 26, I’ll be holed up in the mountains doing very little else but working on Magebane, my new fantasy novel (and my first book as Lee Arthur Chane). I hope to get an enormous amount done on it while I’m there, and it rather tickles me to be working on Magebane in the same place that Marseguro was born, as a writing exercise in Robert J. Sawyer’s Writing With Style class on writing science fiction.

So the next month is shaping up to be an all-Alberta adventure. Sing along with me, “Alberta bound, Albert bound, it’s good to be Alberta bound…”

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