A preview of Flamenco Fire, the Regina Symphony Pops concert featuring guitarist Robert Michaels

My preview of this Saturday’s Flamenco Fire Regina Symphony Orchestra Shumiatcher Pops concert, featuring guitarist Robert Michaels, is in today’s Regina LeaderPost. It begins:

For every form of music there are purists who say of certain practitioners, “That’s not really (whatever form of music they’re a purist in).”

Guitarist Robert Michaels admits Flamenco purists might say the same about Flamenco Fire, the concert he’ll perform with the Regina Symphony Orchestra on Saturday.

But the man the Ottawa Sun once dubbed “Flamenco’s version of Led Zeppelin axe-god Jimmy Page” is OK with that.

Saturday’s high-energy show, he says, is “a cross of different styles, everything from Flamenco to Cuban sounding music, as well as Brazilian, even a bit of Italian.” But it’s all infused with Michaels’s Flamenco style.

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