My preview of the Regina Little Theatre One-Act Plays Cabaret…

…is in today’s LeaderPost. It begins:

Before Angel Genereux became the producer of Regina Little Theatre’s programs of one-act plays in 2007, they were seen strictly as a venue for new talent on and backstage, and traditionally drew small audiences.

Genereux thought they could draw new audience members, too. She boosted publicity. The result: last spring’s one-acts drew record crowds and made money for the first time ever.

“It’s a chance to see what RLT is all about,” she says. “And it’s cheap: 10 bucks!”

Fast-forward to this fall. Genereux is no longer the producer of the one-acts (she’s moving up to producing the main-stage shows), but she’s still involved. She’s directing one of the three short comedies featured in RLT’s Comedy Cabaret on Friday and Saturday at the Regina Performing Arts Centre.

“I’m the only first-time director, and I picked a 50-minute play with seven characters and heavy on props and set!” she says.

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