I’ve sold another novel!

Specifically, I’ve sold The Singing Water, a modern-day YA fantasy with Arthurian elements, set mostly in Saskatchewan, to Montreal’s Lobster Press, a Canadian publisher of award-winning children’s books. Best of all, they’re planning to bring out the entire five-book series I’ve got planned, collectively entitled Excalibur Reforged.

The Singing Water is scheduled to kick things off next fall; which means my first couple of months of 2010 will be spent on revising it.

I’m very excited to be returning to YA fantasy and looking forward to working with Lobster Press.

With this sale, I’ll have at least five books coming out next year: my history of Saskatchewan surveyors, my biographies of Johnny Cash and Andy Warhol for Enslow Publishers, Magebane, my first adult fantasy under my Lee Arthur Chane nom de plume, for DAW, and The Singing Water.

Whew! Hope my typing fingers hold out.

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  1. Congrats, Ed.

    Great news.

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