Nice mention of “bleak and beautiful” Marseguro

“Bleak and beautiful” is a nice phrase. Even nicer when it’s applied to my DAW SF novel Marseguro, which is what happened today in Strange Horizon‘s review of 2009 by its corps of reviewers…one of whom is my fellow DAW author Kari Sperring (author of Living With Ghosts), who said this:

The Hugos were rather predictable, but the Canadian Prix Aurora went to Edward Willett’s bleak and beautiful Marseguro, a novel which has not received the attention and acclaim it deserves.

I would never be so forward as to apply the phrase “bleak and beautiful” to my own work, but it’s nice to know Kari feels that way about it!

As for the part about Marseguro not receiving the attention and acclaim it deserves, well…every writer feels that way about his or her work, so I’d be obviously lying if I didn’t say I agreed with her about that! : )

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