Winter issue of Fine Lifestyles Regina now online!

You can view the most recent issue of the magazine I edit, Fine Lifestyles Regina, in its entirety online.

I recommend pages 124 and 125, which is where you’ll find the new wine column my wife and I are co-writing, “The Willetts on Wine.”

I’m also going to be editing the new sister publication, Fine Lifestyles Saskatoon, launching this spring.

(As we approach the release of the next issue, I’ll post “The Willetts on Wine” and my cover-story interview with ex-NHL player Mike Sillinger on this blog, as well.)

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    • Rick Parker on April 12, 2010 at 11:30 am
    • Reply

    How would I go about buying an actual copy of your issue featuring Architect Joseph Petuk.
    I am told it is in the 2010 Winter edition.
    Volume 1 Issue 4.
    Thanks in advance.
    R Parker

    1. Hi, Rick. You can email Tracy at She’s looking after back issues, I’m told.

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