A nice blog review of Lost in Translation

Mass-market paperbacks have a short shelf life, but that doesn’t mean people aren’t still reading them long after they’re hard to find in a bookstore. Case in point: a nice new review of my first book for DAW, Lost in Translation, just popped up at Scott’s Corner, a blog I was hitherto unaware of, but now, of course, can’t recommend highly enough!

The eponymous Scott has nice things to say:

This was a great book, headed by two well drawn characters. The book alternates POV chapters between the two characters. The S’sinn are sufficiently alien, and Kathryn is a great viewpoint character.

It’s an interesting universe, with powerful but fallible aliens. The guild of translators and their technology is interesting. It requires a huge sacrifice to translate, and the subsuming of the individuals to the guild is fascinating and works well. When the book turns to action, it pivots well and keeps things tense.

The theme of restraint is continuously in the background, but doesn’t overwhelm anything. All in all, an excellent book. I hope to read more of his books soon.

I hope you do, too, Scott!

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