Nice review of “A Little Space Music”

Speculating Canada, a relatively new blog focusing on Canadian science fiction, fantasy and horror, has a nice review of “A Little Space Music,” my humorous “amateur theatre in outer space” short story just published in OnSpec. It begins:

In “A Little Space Music”, Edward Willett demonstrates his creative wit and humour. He plays on an issue that is familiar to any of us who have done amateur theatre… the issue of making a cast out of actors with varying skills. But, his theatre has a twist – it is made up entirely of aliens being directed by a human. Willett explores what it would be like to direct diverse alien bodies in drama, dealing with issues like movement, blocking, and the portrayal of emotion for people without human bodies, human movement, or human faces. How do you direct emotional display by your actors when they don’t display their emotions with their faces but through producing different colours of slime?

Read the whole thing!

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