SF Revu calls Right to Know “wildly entertaining”

Right to Know CoverMasks, my fantasy novel written as E.C. Blake, has gotten quite a bit of attention since it came out, whereas my science fiction novel Right to Know, published by Bundoran Press, has been shamefully overlooked…which is why I was pleased when Hayden Trenholm, my publisher and editor at Bundoran, brought this review by Jon Guenther at SF Revu to my attention:

While I think the book is an attempt to make some strong sociopolitical statements, it proved to be a wildly entertaining read…I found the characters realistic, the plot solid, and the book lacked a lot of exposition…If you want a fun and rollicking SF yarn that I found to be pretty suitable for most age groups, Right to Know is a great selection.”

Read the whole thing!

I think I’d rather have one of my novels called “wildly entertaining” than just about anything else, so, yay!

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