Another great review for Worldshaper

The Book Dragon gives 4.5 / 5 stars to Worldshaper. Some highlights:

“I absolutely loved this book…

“Edward Willett does an absolutely amazing job keeping the reader engaged in the plot and up-to-date with what exactly is going on…

“Willett also intertwines modern humor and witty historic literary references throughout the novel. Shawna’s entertaining humor keeps her plight upbeat and purposefully moving along, allowing her (and the readers) to deal with the multitude of losses throughout the book…

“I felt more a part of this book than many others I’ve read, and it lent further humor to be had….

“The worldbuilding truly is phenomenal…”

“I can definitely say that I will eagerly be on the lookout for the second book in this series…I cannot wait until I can continue the adventure!”

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