Great review of Lost in Translation

It’s always nice when an older book gets discovered by a reader, and such was the case with Lost in Translation, my very first novel from DAW Books. On Goodreads, Aleksandar Ovnarski praises it in a five-star review, calling it a “wonderful book”:

“…at first Lost in Translation seemed like a short space opera, but it quickly turned into a page-turner. The writing was as direct and as fast-paced as Harry Harrison’s Deathworld. The stakes are very high and the story is a vicarious experience for the reader despite a lot of technobabble; the intrigue is complex, and since I read it right after Leviathan Wakes, while the latter was still fresh in my memory, I can say Lost in Translation can stand on its own next to the best of sci-fi…the fact that you really grow to care about the characters (i’ve recommended it several times since and that’s not an isolated reaction) seems to suggest that it is indeed a very good book. If only there was a sequel.”

I actually have an outline for a sequel. Maybe one day…

I still have a few paperback copies of Lost in Translation available through my online store, and you can still get copies through Amazon and other online bookstores.

As well, I’ve got the audiobook rights back from DAW, and will be recording an audiobook version of Lost in Translation soon…ish. Well, sometime this year. I hope.

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