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Night Owl Reviews likes Magebane

A.M. Donovan at Night Owl Reviews rates Magebane at 4.5 stars (“I Loved it – Top Pick”): Evil wizards, multi-level conspiracies, magic, hidden kingdoms, cruel tyrants, usurpers, and a hint of steampunk make this book entertaining. Lee Arthur Chane (also known as Edward Willett) has done a marvelous job of making all of this work …

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The science of ebooks vs. print books

[podcast]https://edwardwillett.com/wp-content/uploads//2011/10/Ebooks-vs-Print-Books.mp3[/podcast] Once upon a time, the word “book” meant only one thing: a stack of paper printed with text and bound together along one edge. These days, though, the word “book” has developed two meanings. You can still read a bound-stack-of-paper book, but you can also read a book without ever touching anything that was …

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Magebane hits bookstores today!

Is it October 4 already? It is, and that means that Magebane is officially available, published (of course) by DAW Books. You can buy it in all the usual places: Amazon.com, Amazon.ca, Chapters, Barnes & Noble, to name just a few. And it’s available in both paperback and popular ebook formats. Here’s the blurb from …

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Coming in April: The Helix War

I had a phone call recently from my editor at DAW Books, Sheila Gilbert, letting me know that DAW wants to bring out an omnibus edition of Marseguro and Terra Insegura in April 2012. We batted around titles and settled on The Helix War. It’s still a ways until April, but lo and behold, I …

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CM Magazine recommends Song of the Sword

CM Magazine (a.k.a. Canadian Review of Materials) has given Song of the Sword three out of four stars and a “Recommended” in its current issue. The review is mainly a pretty complete synopsis, with a longish excerpt from the first chapter. It ends with: Written clearly, and with an interesting version of the Arthurian legend, …

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Quill & Quire review raves about Song of the Sword

I was pleasantly–very pleasantly, as you’ll see–surprised to discover a review, the first I’ve seen, of Shards of Excalibur: Song of the Sword in the September issue of Quill & Quire, Canada’s magazine of book news and reviews. The review, by author Robert J. Wiersema, almost gave me a heart attack with the first sentence, …

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My bios of Johnny Cash and Andy Warhol are out!

Both are listed as “In Stock” on Amazon and I have my author’s copies, so it must be true! Here are the covers (and the back-cover copy) for each: Johnny Cash: The Man in Black When country music legend Johnny Cash took the stage at Folsom State Prison in 1968, he solidified the public’s perception …

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Things I Found in my Mother-in-Law’s House: 1930s paperbacks

From the bookshelves in what is now my office, here are two examples of some of the earliest mass-market paperback books, 1940 printings of The Good Earth and Gulliver’s Travels in Pocket Book format. Cover art has come a long way since then, hasn’t it?

My speech to the Saskatchewan Land Surveyors Association AGM

Here is (more or less, since I didn’t read it word for word) the speech I gave today at the Past Presidents’ Luncheon that closed off the 100th Annual General Meeting of the Saskatchewan Land Surveyors Association: *** First, I’d like to thank you very much for asking me to be your guest speaker at …

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A writing update: one book launches, one moves toward publication, one waits in the wings

It’s been a busy week, writing-wise. My latest adult nonfiction book, with the admittedly not-very-sexy title of Land Surveying in Saskatchewan: Laying the Groundwork for Property Rights and Development, has now been released by the Saskatchewan Land Surveyor’s Association. The release coincides with the SLSA’s annual general meeting (at which I’ll be making a speech …

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Why I’m not Stephenie Meyer

[podcast]https://edwardwillett.com/wp-content/upLoads//2010/01/Why-Im-Not-Stephanie-Meyer.mp3[/podcast] I’m a full-time writer, but not, alas, a fabulously wealthy and/or successful one. James Cameron isn’t bugging me about film rights; Oprah isn’t plugging me on TV; fans aren’t lugging great stacks of my books around, chasing me for autographs. It’s easy, when you’re one of the little guys in any creative field, be …

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Nominations open for Prix Aurora Awards

Back in August, I had the great good fortune and honour to win the Prix Aurora Award for Best Long-Form Work in English for my novel Marseguro (that’s me holding it at left, alongside my editor and publisher, Sheila Gilbert of DAW Books). The Prix Aurora Awards honour the best of Canadian science fiction and …

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