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Hypnic jerks


Remembering our dreams

Now I’m even writing in my sleep

Just before I woke this morning, I was dreaming in an unusual fashion: in my dream, I was disembodied and observing other people, writing a running commentary in my head, very much like the process of writing fiction when I’m awake. I can’t remember ever doing that in my sleep before, but of course we …

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I have a dream…wanna see it?

“I’m dreaming of a White Christmas,” singers warble this time of year. Up until now, we’ve had to take their word for it. But what if there were technology that could actually record imagery from a dream, and play it back for everyone to see? Hang onto your nightcaps, because it may be on its …

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The writer formerly known as Ed

So I had this dream last night in which SF writer John Scalzi decreed that henceforth he would only be known by the single name SCALZI (always in all capitals). This got me thinking that perhaps I could leap ahead to that level of fame myself and decree that henceforth I will only be known …

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Dreams: new research

The other night I dreamed I went into a Montreal restaurant with TV chef Emeril, where he annoyed the restaurant’s chef by taking over the cooking of a two-metre-long fish filet, which, when split open, contained a trilobite. “Monster darts!” exclaimed the restaurant’s chef, then demonstrated how to pull the legs off trilobites and throw …

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Lucid dreaming

I enjoy my dreams, which are typically full of James-Bond/science-fictional elements.  Sometimes they’re so exciting I regret waking up and not finding out how they end. Maybe I don’t have to.  Apparently it’s possible to learn to direct your dream while you’re in it.  It’s called lucid dreaming, and researchers at Stanford University have developed …

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Dreams have fascinated people for millennia. Ancient people sought portents of the future in dreams. Not-so-ancient people, such as Sigmund Freud, sought information about the psyche: he felt that an examination of dreams could help a psychoanalyst guide a person in the resolution of inner conflicts. In the 20th century, the function of dreams has …

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