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Tag: elections

A bit about bias: the encore

I don’t usually repeat columns quite as soon as I’m repeating this one on bias, but my big brother Jim recently suggested this might be a good time, with the Canadian election on, and I always do what my big brother tells me to. (Right, Jim?) Also, I’m swamped with editorial revisions on two novels …

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The case for accidental politicians

[podcast][/podcast] Canada is about to enter a federal election campaign, and you know what that means. Platforms, proclamations, partisanship, preening, pretending, pandering and pestering, not to mention politicians on your porch. It’s enough to make you tired, but at least here that knock on the door is a smiling politician and not the secret police. …

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I’m still in the middle!

I haven’t taken one of these politica compass tests for a while, so I thought I’d take a stab at this one and see if I’m still right in the middle of the political spectrum. You are a Social Moderate(55% permissive)and an… Economic Moderate(50% permissive)You are best described as a: Centrist Link: The Politics Test …

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A political rant we can all get behind

Everyone’s ranting about politics today, it seems, so I guess I should, too. But since my range of acquaintances runs from gay socialist actors through libertarian atheist science fiction writers all the way over to conservative fundamentalist preachers, all of whom just seem to assume that all the Right People agree entirely with their positions …

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O, Canada…

…you’re in trouble now. As of yesterday afternoon, I’m officially a Canadian citizen. And that means (ominous musical chords) I can vote! Bwa-ha-ha! At last I can exercise my evil plan to subvert Canada to my hard-line middle-of-the-road position, one vote at a time!

Opinion polls

If you’ve been paying special attention to the news recently, it’s just possible you may have heard or seen one or two items relating to a peculiar recurring phenomenon called a “national election.” Like the Capistrano swallows, elections return at regular (more-or-less) intervals, and attract a great deal of attention when they do. Some of …

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