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Not enough readers, not enough time: the end of my regular science column (for real, this time)

All right, this time it’s for real: I’m pulling the plug on my weekly science column (I haven’t written one for about a month anyway). And it’s all MailChimp’s fault. MailChimp is actually a great way to send out nicely formatted HTML newsletters, and I’m very glad to use it for that purpose. However, MailChimp …

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Writers’ guidelines for Fine Lifestyles Regina and Saskatoon

Are you a freelance writer in Saskatchewan (or at least knowledgeable about Saskatchewan)? Then it could be I’ve got work for you. Here’s the release I’ve been sending out today seeking additional writers for the magazines I edit, Fine Lifestyles Regina and the about-to-launch Fine Lifestyles Saskatoon: *** Edward Willett, editor of Fine Lifestyles Regina, …

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