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The Boxing Day solution to the Christmas Day rebus

Two things for you on Boxing Day. First, for no particular reason, my daughter Alice sings the Star Wars theme: And second, as promised, the answer to the Christmas Day rebus. Happy Boxing Day!             Wee Fish               Ewe           …

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A Christmas greeting from me to you!

Yes, that’s me, as an elf, a role I played with…um…gusto at the Golden Apple Theatre’s Christmas cabaret Christmas Crackers on December 23. On the wall that evening were photos similar to the ones below: my wish for you this holiday season. (And if you really can’t figure them out, I’ll post the answer on …

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The annual alcohol column

[podcast]https://edwardwillett.com/wp-content/uploads//2011/12/Annual-Alcohol-Column-2011.mp3[/podcast] Every Christmas/New Year’s holiday season brings with it a spate of articles about alcohol—you know, like this one. Alcohol is a very odd thing for us to imbibe, when you come right down to it. It is, after all, the waste product of another life-form: namely, yeast. There are very few other life forms …

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