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I wonder what my college professor would think of me now?

The next post after this one is going to be a very early short story of mine that I just uncovered. Called “Reunion,” it was published in the Spring, 1979, issue (Volume 2, Number 2) of Shapes and Names, the literary magazine published by the department of English of Harding College (now Harding University) in …

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Media bias and the U.S. presidential election

Michael Malone nails it. I don’t recognize good journalistic practices as I was taught them as a journalism student in the 1970s in most of the political coverage I read. It depresses and angers me. At least I’m not alone.

"The most important words in journalism"

From GetReligion, a blog that examines the coverage of religion in the mainstream media, these words of wisdom: It’s a mantra that I have used with my students for years now. Repeat after me: The most important words in journalism are “comma, space, said, space, name, period.” In other words, mainstream journalism is not supposed …

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