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Some thoughts on the reviews of Masks

One of the…um, eye-opening…things about having novels published (and at this point, under both this name and others, I’ve had quite a few) is the realization, as the reviews start to come in (if you’re lucky enough to even get reviewed), that not everyone thinks you have written the most amazingly wonderful book of all …

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A sneak peek at the cover art for Shadows

I’ve officially got permission to share this, although it’s not quite the final final cover: the appearance of the text might change slightly. The art is finalized, though. This is the cover for Shadows, the second book in The Masks of Aygrima series that begins with the release of Masks by DAW Books on November …

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Aging my heroine, fulfilling my pledges

As I noted last week when I made my excuses for not blogging very much, one of the tasks keeping me occupied was rewriting Masks, the first book in my upcoming trilogy for DAW (under the pseudonym of E.C. Blake). This was an interesting pass through the manuscript, because its main purpose was to change …

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Things my editor told me

I think I’ve mentioned—though no more than a gazillion times or so, so you might have missed it—that my next book to be published by DAW will be Masks, first book in a trilogy (and hopefully series) that will continue with Shadows and Faces. Earlier today I spent a couple of hours on the phone …

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