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Tag: Steve Vernon

An interview with me in honor of my story in Tesseracts 17

Colleen Anderson, editor with Steve Vernon of Tesseracts Seventeen: Speculating Canada from Coast to Coast to Coast (EDGE), the latest installment of the long-running Canadian anthology series, has been posting a series of interviews with the authors whose works are included in the book, and this week it’s my turn, in honor of my story …

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Cover art for Tesseracts Seventeen: Speculating Canada from Coast to Coast

Here’s the gorgeous cover art for Tesseracts Seventeen, the venerable Canadian speculative fiction anthology which this year contains my short story “The Path of Souls,” inspired by Globe Theatre’s Lanterns on the Lake events of a few years ago. Tesseracts Seventeen, edited by Colleen Anderson and Steve Vernon, has as its subtitle Speculating Canada from …

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My short story will be in Tesseracts 17!

Tesseracts is the long-running anthology of Canadian speculative fiction published for the past few years by Calgary’s Edge Publications. I’ve never sold a short story to it…until now. (This may have something to do with the fact I’ve never submitted to it before. Funny how that works.) Tesseracts 17: Speculating Canada from Coast to Coast …

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