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A month of Terra Insegura/Marseguro give-aways begins today!

Tomorrow’s the big day when Terra Insegura officially hits bookstore shelves, and  so, with great fanfare, I announce the Great Terra Insegura Book Give-Away Contest, twin to the very successful Marseguro give-away I ran when that book came out–except with one great exception: this time, I’m giving books to two people every week for the next month. Here’s how it …

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Three Saskatchewan signings for Terra Insegura

I’ve confirmed three signing events for Terra Insegura so far, if you’d like to come out and get a signed copy and meet me in person. (Which might be interesting to some people, although I spend all day with me and sometimes I get pretty tired of myself.) The first signing will be at the …

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First two chapters of Terra Insegura now online in text and audio!

Along with this new website comes the first two chapters of Terra Insegura, which I’ve not only posted as text, but also as audio! You can read the chapters and download MP3 files here, or just click the players below to listen now. Chapter 1: [podcast][/podcast] Chapter 2: [podcast][/podcast] Once I have my own copies …

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SF Signal book cover smackdown includes Terra Insegura

John DeNardo over at SF Signal is running a Book Cover Smackdown–and the Stephan Martiniere cover for Terra Insegura is one of them. So which do you like best of these three? Terra Insegura by…me! (Cover Artist: Stephan Martiniere)Haze by L.E. Modesitt, Jr. (Cover Artist: Sparth)Boneshaker by Cherie Priest (Cover Artist: Jon Foster) Of course, …

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Part 1 of an interview with Stephan Martiniere, the cover artist for Terra Insegura…

…be found here. And just as a reminder, here’s that cover art again!

Galleys of Terra Insegura arrive

The galleys of Terra Insegura showed up today for proofing. That’s always exciting. It means I can now find all the mistakes I should have caught last time around, and worry about all the things I should have maybe changed but are too major to change now. Fun! It’s always interesting to see what text …

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Terra Insegura shows up in Publisher’s Weekly

No, not a starred review, more’s the pity, but just a mention in a long list of books coming out this spring. I got a chuckle out of the description, though: Terra Insegura (May, $7.99) by Edward Willett. Thispost-Apocalyptic series tells of an Earth ruled by religious zealots and a distant world that is humankind’s …

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No third Marseguro book

Disappointing news from my agent yesterday: DAW has decided it doesn’t want a third book in the Marseguro series, thereby making a liar out of the Science Fiction Book Club, which announced Marseguro as the first book “in a gripping new trilogy“! Fortunately, Terra Insegura does not end with the kind of obvious sequel tag …

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Terra Insegura description appears on Amazon

I note that the product description has appeared on Amazon for Terra Insegura. Here’s how the publisher has described it (slight spoiler alert if you haven’t read Marseguro!): From the author of Marseguro—The BATTLE FOR SURVIVAL returns to earthMarseguro, a water world far from Earth, is home to a colony of humans and the Selkies, …

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Terra Insegura revisions complete!

Whee! I just emailed the revised manuscript of Terra Insegura to my editor, Sheila Gilbert, at DAW Books. It’s much better than the original version, thanks, as always, to Sheila’s excellent editorial input. So now you can look for it on schedule on May 5, with that amazing Stephan Martinere cover. (Oh, look, there it …

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Pre-order Terra Insegura now!

The pre-ordering link is up at Amazon for Terra Insegura, due out May 5–you know, if you just can’t wait: A print-out of a confirmation of your pre-order from Amazon would make a great Christmas gift! Wouldn’t it?

Thus sayeth the Preacher:

“Of the making of revisions to your latest science fiction novel there is no end, and much editing is a weariness of the flesh.”

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