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Week 4 of the Great Book Giveaway of 2014: enter and get a free copy of The Chosen

And so we move on to Week 4 of the Great Book Giveaway of 2014. I had an even dozen entrants last week, each of whom received a free download of my YA ghost story The Haunted Horn. The winner was David, who commented on a post on my E.C. Blake Facebook page. This week, each entrant receives a free download of my YA SF novel The Chosen. In a ruined future, two teenagers, one a girl from a religious cult determined to stop the rebuilding of a technological society whose destruction they believe was punishment from God, one a boy from a group just as determined to rebuild the ...

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Free Novel Saturday: Star Song, Chapter 1

 With this post I'm starting something new: a free, full novel, which I'll offer one chapter at a time, every Saturday. The novel is Star Song, a young adult science fiction novel that was the first thing I seriously tried to sell (which is why astute readers will find echoes of Heinlein in here, and more than a soupcon of Andre Norton)...and came oh-so-close. Back then it was called The Minstrel, the same as the short story (which I posted a while ago) which is the first version of the tale. In the early '90s, the late Josepha Sherman was editing ...

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Saturday Special from the Vaults (a bit late): Chapter 1 of The Chosen

This week's Saturday-special-I'm-actually-posting-on-Monday is the first chapter of the YA science fiction novel (dystopian before dystopian YA SF was cool!) I just epublished last week: The Chosen. The original version of this book was only the second novel I wrote out of university, but I rewrote it sometime in the last few years. It never found a home with a publisher, but now it has one as an ebook! If you like this sample, you can order the complete book through Smashwords or buy it in the Kindle store. (It should soon show up in other ...

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Ebooks! Get your red-hot ebooks! Spirit Singer! Andy Nebula! and The Chosen!

                                      I was an early adopter when it came to ebooks in more ways than one. I owned a very early dedicated ebook reader, the HieBook, and read a ton of stuff on it. But I was also an early adopter as a writer, publishing my YA fantasy novel Spirit Singer with Awe-Struck Publishing (now owned by Mundania Press LLC) 10 years ago...you know, clever me, before ebooks really took off. As an experiment, it ...

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