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New cover for Worldshaper mass-market paperback!

The mass-market paperback version of Worldshaper comes out in August, and DAW Books has taken the opportunity to redesign the front cover, to tie it in more closely with Master of the World, Book 2, which comes out in September. It also now boasts about the Publishers Weekly starred review, which I heartily approve of. …

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Read the first two chapters of Master of the World

Master of the World, Book 2 of my Worldshapers series, doesn’t come out until September, but you can get a sneak peek right now: I’ve just posted the first two chapters (with the caveat that final copyediting and page proofing has not yet been done, so there might be some differences between these and the …

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Cover art reveal! Master of the World, Book 2 of Worldshapers

Here’s the cover art for Book 2 of my Worldshapers series, Master of the World! It’s the work of Juliana Kolesova, a Russian-born artist now living in Toronto. It comes out in September from DAW Books (it’s my 10th novel for them–hard to believe!) in trade paperback, ebook, and audiobook formats. Worldshaper, Book 1 in …

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First description of Master of the World: Worldshapers Book 2

Sheila E. Gilbert, my Hugo-award winning editor at DAW Books, asked me to draft some sell copy for Master of the World, Book 2 in the Worldshapers series (Book 1 is, of course, Worldshaper, whose cover graces this post). Here’s what I came up with: Shawna Keys has fled the world she only recently discovered …

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Worldshaper copies arrive!

I have actual physical copies of Worldshaper, my ninth novel from DAW Books, looking sharp in trade paperback, as you can see (it will come out in trade paperback and ebook to start with, then mass-market paperback probably just before Book 2 in the series, a year from now. Not officially on sale until September …

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First description of Worldshaper, my next novel for DAW Books

The release of Worldshaper, Book 1 in the Worldshapers series, is still 10 months away (it’s set for September 2018), but that’s not very long in publishing terms. My editor at DAW Books, Sheila Gilbert, and I are already talking about cover art. And I’ve also been asked to write “sell copy” describing the book. …

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