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Complete cover for my poetry collection I Tumble Through the Diamond Dust

Here's the complete cover of my upcoming poetry collection, I Tumble Through the Diamond Dust, illustrated by Alberta artist Wendi Nordell (who happens to be my niece). The back copy reads: Within these pages lie twenty-one poems…and twenty-one worlds: worlds in the farthest reaches of space, worlds steeped in myth and legend, worlds that never were, and worlds that yet could be. Written by award-winning science fiction and fantasy author Edward Willett, and beautifully illustrated by Alberta artist Wendi Nordell, each poem was inspired by—and contains—two lines of published poetry from Saskatchewan poets, sent out every weekday by former Saskatchewan Poet Laureate Gerald Hill as a Poetry Month challenge to members of the ...

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A review of Line Dance. Apparently I have a sense of humour. Who knew?

Here's the first review I've seen of Line Dance, the collection of poems that resulted from...well, I'll let the reviewer explain, because I'm tired of typing various versions of this: Each weekday during Poetry Month in April, Hill [Poet Laureate Gerald Hill] e-mailed SK Writers’ Guild members a pair of first lines he’d selected from SK poetry books and invited folks to respond with poems of their own. Some, like professionals Brenda Schmidt and Ed Willett, sent poems every day. In the end, almost 500 pieces were submitted, and SK writing veteran-turned publisher, Byrna Barclay, bound what editor Hill deemed the best into a handsome package, featuring Saskatchewanian David ...

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Hear me read a Hallowe’eny poem

Looking for something both poetic and Hallowe'eny? (And who isn't?) The Science Fiction Poetry Association has a page of audio files of SFPA members reading their Hallowe'en-related poems--and it includes a file of me reading "He Really Should Have Written," one of the poems I wrote for Poet Laureate Gerald Hill's "First Lines" project back in April. A shorter version of this poem appears in the new First Lines anthology published by Burton House Books, which launches November 24 at McNally Robinson in Saskatoon (I'll remind you, don't worry.) Here's my audio file, although I urge you to over to SFPA and listen to them all! The image above is a ...

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Latest issue of Grain Magazine (which I edited) now out

Grain Magazine 42.3, the second volume of this venerable literary magazine that I've guest edited, is now in the mail to subscribers. I really enjoyed working on it with poetry editor Kelly-Anne Riess and fiction editor Cassidy McFadzean. Among the duties of the managing editor is to come up with a title for the issue. I chose "The Maps We Make," and here's my editor's note, explaining why: Casting around for a title for this issue of Grain, I netted this quote from the novel Love Over Scotland, by Alexander McCall Smith: “Regular maps have few surprises: their contour lines reveal where the Andes are, and are reasonably clear. More precious, ...

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The Daily Toast: To Home

Background here.

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In honour of National Poetry Month 2: Within this box of glowing white…

Within this box of glowing white I type, in pixels black, These words. I try to get them right, Yet still I feel they lack A certain something. Yeats I'm not Nor am I Keats or Austen. My forte, I would say, is plot: This scansion is exhausten'. And so, although 'tis poetry This month is meant to honour, I don't think it's the month for me. Why, I can't even find a last line that has the right number of beats and ends with a rhyme for "honour."

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Belated Saturday Special from the Vaults: Sonnet Sonnet

Delayed once more by festive cheer, I make my first post of the year! *** How serious are you, my poet friend, About the craft to which your heart aspires? Do your words borrow pain, and seek to lend Unto the world the vision it requires? Do you object to light verse as a waste Of energy best spent on grander things? Do you desire to scale the heights and taste The clear, sweet air where lofty language rings? To don poetic glory like a bonnet, My friend, I think that you should write a sonnet.

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Saturday Special From the Vaults: There’s A Puppy in My Pocket

A new regular feature: stuff from the vaults, presented each Saturday. At the Mackenzie Art Gallery, the "vaults" (that's a picture of them at the left) are where they keep the permanent collection, most of which is not on display at any given time. Here at edwardwillett.com, the vaults are the file folders on my computer, or the file folders in my filing cabinet, that have filled up with odds and ends and stuff over the years: bits of poetry, poems, unpublished short stories, unfinished novels, old newspaper columns, etc., etc. Some of it dates back thirty years...or more. Every Saturday, I'm going to pull something out of the vaults ...

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The Space-Time Continuum: Science fiction poetry

My latest column for Freelance, the newsletter of the Saskatchewan Writers Guild... *** In his novel Time Enough for Love, science fiction writer Robert A. Heinlein included a number of aphorisms supposedly taken from the notebooks of his centuries-old central character, Lazarus Long. One of these I have ever since taken a kind of mischievous pleasure in sharing with poets of my acquaintance: “A poet who reads his verse in public may have other nasty habits.” You might think, Heinlein occupying such an exalted place in the science fiction pantheon, that his proclamation would be enough to keep poetry far, far away from science fiction, and science ...

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Bless me, Father Rhysling, for I have sinned…

Inspired by the column about science fiction poetry I wrote today for the next issue of the Saskatchewan Writers' Guild's magazine Freelance, I have done something I rarely do, and committed the act of poetry; specifically, the act of science fiction limerick. An unpublished writer of rhyme Travelled three hundred years back in time. He stole from a poet Who, unborn, didn’t know it. Plagiarizing the future’s no crime! I apologize to any and all actual poets in the audience.

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