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Successful poetry book launch, complete with music!

I Tumble Through the Diamond Dust officially launched on Saturday night, with a great event attending by thirty-five people or so, in the basement of The Artesian on 13th (a former church converted into a theatre).

There’s been one great review of the book so far.

Shelley A. Leedahl, herself a Saskatchewan poet, writes:

“Prolific Regina writer Edward Willett took a great idea and ran with it…and the result is this creative, entertaining, and occasionally spine-tingling collection of poems that no one but Willett – well-known for authoring sixty books, including twenty science fiction and fantasy novels – could pull off.”

Read the whole review!

Like a copy? You can get it here:

Amazon.ca | Amazon.com | Kobo | Chapters/Indigo | Your Nickel’s Worth Press.

In addition to reading from the book, and saying a few words, and introducing my niece, Wendi Nordell, who is also the illustrator, I sang a couple of songs (and my daughter, Alice, performed as well).

One of my songs was “Unusual Way” from the Broadway musical Nine…and here it is.


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