The first sentence I wrote today…

The subs from Jumpoff Station hadn’t yet arrived when Emily and Farley and their unexpectedly still-living prisoner reached the shattered pier.

Current word count: 66,153
New words this session: 1,413
Percentage of novel completed: 66.1

Got in an hour today after the wine and food festival wrapped up. It was a fabulous time as always, but a bit wearing. Much as I enjoy the tastings and the food, by the end of the final lunch I’m more than ready to sit quietly somewhere with a nice uncomplicated drink that doesn’t require you to think so much…which is exactly what I did, working on the new novel in the old lobby of the hotel with a nice simple Diet Pepsi at hand while a piano player tinkled the ivories not too far away.

Back to Regina tomorrow, if the roads cooperate. They had a fairly substantial snowfall here in Banff last night and I fear we’ll be chasing the system all the way to Saskatchewan.

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