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The first sentence I wrote today…

There are two sides to the legacy of Janis Joplin.

I finished the bulk of the book today and am now doing clean-up work on it (adding subheads and breaking some stuff in sidebars, putting in the supplemental material–timeline, bibliography) etc.

This evening was the official launch of A Safe and Prosperous Future: 100 Years of Engineering and Geoscience Achievements in Saskatchewan, which was held in the Legislative Library at the Saskatchewan Legislative Building. Copies of the book were presented to Premier Lorne Calvert, a representative of the Opposition (not Brad Wall–he didn’t make it) and others, including the library itself, of course. Afterward there was a light meal. (Premier Calvert noted that it was the first time that he’s aware of that “beef on a bun” was served in the Legislative Library.)

Dessert was served down in the new Cumberland Gift Shop in the building’s basement, where the books were also available for purchase and I was available to sign them. As the rural correspondents for the weekly newspaper I used to edit liked to say, “A good time was had by all.”

Here I am giving my short talk about the book during the official part of the ceremony. It went well.

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