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Successful poetry book launch, complete with music!

I Tumble Through the Diamond Dust officially launched on Saturday night, with a great event attending by thirty-five people or so, in the basement of The Artesian on 13th (a former church converted into a theatre). There’s been one great review of the book so far. Shelley A. Leedahl, herself a Saskatchewan poet, writes: “Prolific …

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Illustrated collection of science fiction/fantasy poetry released!

I Tumble through the Diamond Dust, my new collection of fantastical (science fiction, fantasy, and horror) poems, illustrated by Alberta artist Wendi Nordell (my talented niece), is now available in both print and ebook formats! Buy it from,, Kobo, or the Apple store in ebook format, or in print through Chapters/Indigo or the …

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My editor wins a Hugo! And other stories of what I did on my summer vacation

It’s been a while since my last post. Lots to tell you about, but let’s start with the most important: my wonderful editor (and publisher), Sheila E. Gilbert of DAW Books, received the Hugo Award for Best Editor (Long-Form) at this year’s World Science Fiction Convention in Kansas City–and as you can see, I was there to take a photo. …

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My fifth book (out of 10) this year: Fertile Ground, 50th anniversary history of the Saskatchewan Mining Association

Yesterday marked the launch of my fourth new book (and fifth book overall) of 2015, when the Saskatchewan Mining Association released its 50th anniversary book, Fertile Ground, to celebrate Saskatchewan Mining Week. The photo shows the book’s designers, Catharine Bradbury and Nikki Jessop of Bradbury Design, and me at the press conference proclaiming Saskatchewan Mining Week yesterday …

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Book launch for Right to Know at When Words Collide in Calgary August 10

The release of my science fiction novel Right to Know (the first chapter of which you can read here) is drawing near, and in honor of that fact, the publisher, Bundoran Press will be holding a book launch for it at When Words Collide in Calgary on the evening of Saturday, August 10. Also launching: …

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Cover art for Right to Know

Here’s the gorgeous cover for my upcoming science fiction novel Right to Know, coming out from Bundoran Press in August (we’ll be launching it at When Words Collide in Calgary: launch party planned for Saturday night, August 10!) The artwork is by Dan O’Driscoll–I’m planning to use him for Star Song, the YA novel I …

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Errant Dreams gives Magebane 5/5

Another nice review for Magebane, this one from Errant Dreams: Lee Arthur Chane’s Magebane is an original and delightful tale of epic fantasy and magic, steampunk science, adventure, tragedy, and love…. The mix of high fantasy and steampunk is one that I regarded with suspicion; such a blend is difficult to do well, such that …

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Magebane hits bookstores today!

Is it October 4 already? It is, and that means that Magebane is officially available, published (of course) by DAW Books. You can buy it in all the usual places:,, Chapters, Barnes & Noble, to name just a few. And it’s available in both paperback and popular ebook formats. Here’s the blurb from …

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Song of the Sword first signing event: Chapters Regina

Here I am signing Song of the Sword at Chapters in Regina on Saturday. This was not only the first time I sat and sold copies of the book and autographed them, it was the first time I’d even seen copies of the actual book. It’s shinier than the ARC! Plus it has a nice …

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My speech to the Saskatchewan Land Surveyors Association AGM

Here is (more or less, since I didn’t read it word for word) the speech I gave today at the Past Presidents’ Luncheon that closed off the 100th Annual General Meeting of the Saskatchewan Land Surveyors Association: *** First, I’d like to thank you very much for asking me to be your guest speaker at …

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A writing update: one book launches, one moves toward publication, one waits in the wings

It’s been a busy week, writing-wise. My latest adult nonfiction book, with the admittedly not-very-sexy title of Land Surveying in Saskatchewan: Laying the Groundwork for Property Rights and Development, has now been released by the Saskatchewan Land Surveyor’s Association. The release coincides with the SLSA’s annual general meeting (at which I’ll be making a speech …

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Be safe out there!

It’s Terra Insegura launch day. Please don’t get trampled in the mad rush by thousands of screaming fans into bookstores in search of a copy. Oh, wait. I’m confusing myself with Stephanie Meyer again.

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