Pore Jud…

…may well be dead, but at least he’s not Ed–not any more.

We wrapped up Regina Lyric Light Opera‘s production of Oklahoma! yesterday, and, as the rural correspondents of the Weyburn Review were wont to say when I was editor there, “A Good Time Was Had By All.”

I received a lot of compliments on my performance–more than I can ever remember having had before, actually. This either means I am just naturally believable as a creepy loner who can’t get a girl–which may well be the case, since I am, after all, a science fiction writer–or that I did a not-half-bad job of acting.

I prefer to believe the latter.

Of course, a lot of the credit for the production’s success goes to our director, Robert Ursan, who was not only best man at my wedding but is also one of the most talented people I’ve ever had the pleasure to know. Thanks, Rob!

Here’s a photo of the outstanding principal cast of the production. Great people, every one of them, and I hope I get to work with them all again soon.

Standing, left to right: me (Jud Fry–and, yes, my hair was straightened for this role), Jeff Sawatsky (Will Parker), Melodi Hawkesford (Ado Annie), Rob Blechinger (Andrew Carnes), Marianne Woods (Aunt Eller), Kaitlyn Semple (Laurey); kneeling, left to right: Michael Hamann (Ali Hakim) and Josh Raine (Curly).

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