"Speculative Fiction Authors Considered as High School Students"

This is hilarious if you recognize even half of the names, and really hilarious if you recognize them all. And since I’m in the midst of teaching the Sage Hill Teen Writing Experience, and many of my actual high school students show an interest in speculative fiction, it’s even funnier.

Me? No, you won’t see my name in that essay. At this point, I’m so far down the speculative fiction high school hierarchy I’m invisible. But maybe someday I’ll get invited to one of the cool kids’ tables…

(Via Tobias S. Buckell.)

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    • Ian H. on July 26, 2007 at 2:19 pm
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    That’s pretty funny, but I wonder where some of the big guns are (Clarke, Asimov, Crichton)? Are they untouchable, or did the author just run out of room?

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