Rehearsals have begun!

Sorry for the brief hiatus right after promising to post more. I headed up to Saskatoon on Friday and spent the day in rehearsal for Beauty and the Beast at Persephone Theatre (great cast, all-Saskatchewan–or at least all from Saskatchewan originally; it looks to be a lot of fun), and discovered I didn’t really have the Internet access I expected at the place I was staying.

I hope to have it when I go back up on Tuesday to resume rehearsals and will post more in the evenings, I expect, although the vagaries of rehearsal and going-out-with-people and, later, running the show itself means, really…who knows?

By the way, if you’re in the Saskatoon area and haven’t decided whether you want to see Beauty and the Beast…you do. All of us were blown away by the scale of this production, which is designed to show off the new theatre at River Landing. It’s going to be truly spectacular.

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