The first sentence I wrote today…

“Derryl?” Richard whispered to the sniper.

Words today: 2,430
Total words: 68,143
Percentage complete (120,000/100,000): 56.8/68.1

Big action sequence tonight, which always moves along quickly.

By the way, if you’re wondering how many pages 68,143 words is, I’m currently on page 328 if I put everything in standard manuscript format, and if I were printing the thing out at this point it would actually be a few pages longer than that: I haven’t indicated a chapter break in, oh, sixty or seventy pages. I find it easier to go back and do the chapter division after the structure is locked in place, which it definitely isn’t, yet: I’ve got some timeline problems to work out and that will determine where various scenes get placed in the end.

But that’s a rewriting thing. Right now, I’m just trying to get the first draft banged out.

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