Sample chapters for new YA SF novel off to agent

I just sent off sample chapters for my latest YA proposal, for a science fiction novel with a hint of steampunkishness to it, to my agent. The working title is The City Must Die!, and I’m quite excited about it. Now if only a publisher can be found who shares my excitement…

Just for fun, here are the first and last sentences of the three sample chapters:

Chapter One

Teetering on tiptoe atop a spindly plaster column, the Amazing Belgrani spun three times and vanished in a puff of purple smoke.

Now, it felt more like the start of a nightmare.

Chapter Two

On the morning after Alania Beruthi’s fifteenth birthday–although he didn’t yet have the slightest notion that she existed–Danlyk woke early, though how he knew it was early, he couldn’t have said.

He heard a girl’s scream.

Chapter Three

Alania slept poorly the night after Krenz’s unexpected appearance.

And then, still screaming, she fell off the end of the chute and plummeted into empty air.

To read the rest…well, you’ll have to hope some editor buys the book!

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