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Sample chapters for new YA SF novel off to agent

I just sent off sample chapters for my latest YA proposal, for a science fiction novel with a hint of steampunkishness to it, to my agent. The working title is The City Must Die!, and I’m quite excited about it. Now if only a publisher can be found who shares my excitement… Just for fun, …

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No third Marseguro book

Disappointing news from my agent yesterday: DAW has decided it doesn’t want a third book in the Marseguro series, thereby making a liar out of the Science Fiction Book Club, which announced Marseguro as the first book “in a gripping new trilogy“! Fortunately, Terra Insegura does not end with the kind of obvious sequel tag …

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They also write who only sit and wait

So yesterday I sent off two sample chapters and a synopsis to my agent, Ethan Ellenberg, for a new young adult fantasy tentatively titled Blue Fire. Now I’m waiting to see if he thinks it’s in good shape to start submitting to publishers, or if he thinks I should work on it a bit more. …

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The proposal for William Gibson’s new novel

Yesterday I submitted two novel proposals to my agent, Ethan Ellenberg (well, three, actually, but only two were new). One is for a sequel to my upcoming novel Marseguro, tentatively titled Terra Inseguro, and one is for a fantasy novel tentatively titled Magebane. (The third is for a sequel to Lost in Translation, which DAW …

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